TERM 2016-2017

President:  Marga Matheny

Members:  64



Secretary:                    Peggy Long

Treasurer:                    Barbara Heinrichs


Programs:                    Cat Cronin

Membership:               Mary Jane Slugg & Chris Rohrman

Scholarship:                 Sandy Harmon-Weiss

Book Groups:              Mary Jane Slugg & Connie Blocher

Public Relations:         Mona Moore

Historian:                    Karen Weis

Fundraising:                Pat Ford-Roegner

Public Policy:              Suzanne Pelkaus

IN MEMORIAM:  Our former member, June S Tartala, died August 30, 2016. June was an active member of Cape May County AAUW. She served as President, Historian and Secretary, in addition to chairing several committees. She believed deeply in the need to provide access to higher education for women of Cape May County and will be remembered fondly for her many years of steadfast service.

Our member, June Waters, died peacefully on December 23, 2016. June attended our meetings, hosted our book club at her Sea Isle City condo and gave us a talk about teaching in China. The AAUW mission was important to June and she was a generous donor to our scholarship fund. She will be remembered fondly.

Our member, Carol Fragale Brill, died peacefully at home on January 14, 2017.  Carol joined the AAUW Cape May Branch and was a Life Member, active until shortly before she died. She was an author and we read two of her books as book club selections. We will miss her.

Our former member, Alma Van Rensalier Parker, passed away February 7, 2017. Alma was an active member. Her participation in book club meetings was especially appreciated. She will be remembered fondly.


  • TECH TREK STEM camp for 68 girls (6 from Cape May County) entering 8th grade at Stockton University, July 17-23, 2016
  • COLLEGE CONNECTIONS: The AAUW Cape May County Branch was present on the Atlantic Cape Community College campus in Cape May Court House on August 8, 2017. Girls were signed up for e-membership in AAUW. An additional girl signed up during Voter Registration Day on September 12, 2017. A table with information on sexual assault issues will be on display throughout the month of October.
  • STEM – TWEEN AND TEEN TECH: One day programs were offered to Cape May and Atlantic County girls to introduce them to the STEM fields.  TWEEN TECH, for girls in grades 6, 7, & 8, was held January 6, 2017 at Stockton University and TEEN TECH, for girls in grades 9, 10, & 11, was held May 23, 2017 at Atlantic Cape Community College.  Branch members supported the staff and presenters at both programs.  The girls were transported from their schools and spent the day in workshops at different locations on both campuses.
  • TRIBUTE SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Gifts were made to the fund to recognize an anniversary or person.


  • Annual Welcome Back Dinner
  • Daytime and evening (couples) book groups met monthly.
  • College Connections program distributed AAUW information at the New Student Orientation Day and Voter Registration forms on three separate days at Atlantic Cape Community College
  • College Connections program had a ‘Sexual Assault on Campus’ table display to tie in with CARA Domestic Abuse Month; showed the movie ‘The Hunting Ground’ at Atlantic Cape Community College
  • Holiday Raffle Baskets were prepared to raise money for the Marion MacEwan Second Chance Scholarship
  • Holiday Luncheon at the Lobster House in Cape May
  • Cape May Stage production followed by dinner at Lucky Bones
  • AAUW members visited the United Nations for a tour and meeting with Gloria Blackwell from National AAUW to learn about her work with the UN.
  • A special award for supporting women students at Atlantic Cape Community College was given to Marion Ingram.
  • Presentation of the Marion MacEwan Second Chance Scholarship at the Atlantic Cape Community College’s 50th Annual Scholarship Recognition Ceremony on May 16, 2017
  • Women’s Resource Fund Luncheon and Fashion Show at the Grand Hotel with proceeds benefitting the League of Women Voters of Cape May County and the Cape May County AAUW
  • A ‘Through the Glass Ceiling’ panel was presented as part of TECH TREK’s Professional Women’s Night on July 21, 2016. The Speakers were women academics from Stockton University (Tara Harmer Luke & Anna Pfeiffer-Herbert), scientists/engineers from the Federal Aviation Administration William J. Hughes Technical Center (Marie Kee and Holly M. Cyrus) and technical business professionals (Basilyn Bunting & Diane K. Brown)
  • Celebrated our Golden Year 50th Anniversary
  • Annual Picnic at the Cape May County Zoo


  • Barbara Heinrichs, on behalf of the CMC Branch of AAUW, signed a 501(c)(3) affiliate agreement with AAUW, Inc., on December 17, 2016.
  • The Cape May County AAUW by laws were updated and sent to National on January 8, 2017.